Targeting the Modern Traveller. A Swedish menswear brand of affordable luxury staples for the Modern Man.


At NdE we are devoted in creating clothes that make a long-lasting difference in the life of the Modern Man. Clothes that makes a difference in your everyday life and at the same time minimize the environmental impact. At NdE we steer away from the fastest moving fashion trends. We keep our productions at a minimum and we do not overproduce. We constantly negotiate minimums in terms of fabric and production. We keep a slim collection line and effective sample production alongside co-planning our shipments. We carefully source high-quality, preforming yarns that are made to last.

We do this to keep our environmental footprint small and to give you the best high-quality and sustainable modern menswear at an affordable price. We do this to make the biggest, long-lasting difference in the life of the Modern Man.

For NdE a sustainable fashion future is one of STYLE, QUALITY & CARE.

STYLE. We believe in expressing yourself through style. In letting your personality and sense of yourself portrait through the way you dress. In feeling either strengthened, confident or relaxed. With a personal style, you create your own uniform of confidence. A uniform made from go-to staples and wardrobe favourites that you keep coming back to. So find your own personal style and feel confident that your sense of style is the most sustainable choice when keeping your environmental footprint small.

QUALITY. Choosing NdE is knowing you just made a sustainable choice. A careful choice of high-quality clothing that will last. At NdE we take pride in sourcing high quality fabrics that are made to last. Because clothes that are used, loved and used again are the most sustainable and quality is what makes that happened. Because quality is what really matters when keeping the environmental footprint small. 

At NdE we take pride in sourcing fabrics that will keep its shape, color, look and style for years to come. Some are recycled, some are organic but each and every fabric is carefully selected for it's superior quality, lux feel and longevity. Because quality matters in a sustainable world.

CARE. Caring for your clothes makes significant difference in the lifetime and longevity of your clothes. For NdE that means creating high-quality clothes that you can care for in your home more often than at the dry cleaners, and clothes that will look as good as new when coming out of the laundry room. Caring about your clothes will make them last over and over again, year after year. And we make sure they have the quality to last you a lifetime. For information on how to best care for your clothes we have put together a list under the page GARMENT CARE. 

Together we can make a difference for a sustainable fashion future.