Targeting the Modern Traveller. A Swedish menswear brand of affordable luxury staples for the Modern Man.


NdE is a Swedish menswear brand of affordable luxury staples for the Modern Man, bridging sportswear with tailoring in a contemporary way. We design easy pieces with smart details and enduring style. Future classics that belong in every man’s wardrobe. 

Made with the best materials and producers, it’s designed to be as sharp as it is wearable, as stylish as it is timeless. Designed in Stockholm. Produced in Europe. Made from carefully selected Italian yarns.

We design clothes that are meant to make a long-lasting difference in the life of the Modern Man. Modern, high-quality, sustainable clothes at an affordable price. Inspired by well-dressed men, both past and present.

The brand was founded on the French Riviera inspired by all the sharply styled jetsetters and playboys in the history of the Côte d'Azyr. The name Nikolaj d'Étoiles is an homage to all the well-dressed men across the world. Cosmopolites that take their inspiration of style from travels and meetings with men and women of all ages, cultures and places. Relaxed. Sophisticated. Empowered. 

Étoile means star in French. Nikolaj was the last Tsar of Russia.


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Nikolaj made of Stars